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Quit Smoking gradually with our help.
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Would you like to quit smoking? Have you tried 'cold turkey', drugs, nicotine replacement, or herbal remedies? Take a look at our new convenient way to quit gradually.

TaperOff.net is a service on the web that helps smokers who want to quit smoking gradually. TaperOff.net is based on the scientifically verified method of smoking cessation called Scheduled Reduction.

TaperOff.net notifies you when it's time for each cigarette. And, the time between cigarettes slowly increases until you are smoke free!

Choose your goal date for quitting, and TaperOff.net will build a smoking schedule into your waking hours. TaperOff.net will let you know when it's time for each cigarette by web browser, email and most mobile phones. You can also print out a schedule of when to smoke to carry with you.

Scheduled Reduction is the process of scheduling each cigarette in the day. Each day the interval of time between cigarettes gets greater. By scheduling your cigarettes, you slowly decrease your dependence on nicotine. Also, you break your habit of associating cigarettes with particular times or events of the day.

According to a study at the University of Texas, scheduled reduction resulted in "a remarkably high rate" of abstinence.

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What is TaperOff.net?

How does TaperOff.net work?

Tell me about 'Scheduled Reduction'.

Why TaperOff.net may be the best way for you to quit smoking.

TaperOff.net manages the logistics of scheduled reduction. Using a simple web interface, TaperOff.net collects information about your smoking habits, plan to quit, and sleeping schedule.

You will see a countdown of the time until your next cigarette. When you are away from your computer, you can print your schedule for the day to take with you. Simply check off the cigarettes as you smoke them. Best of all, TaperOff.net can send you an email or a short message to your mobile phone when it's time for each cigarette. TaperOff.net is there 24 hours a day, keeping track of your smoking so you don't have to.

  • Using Scheduled Reduction has a high success rate.
  • Much less expensive than patches or gum.
  • Less discomfort and fewer side effects than 'cold turkey'.
  • Breaks your addiction to nicotine and your habit of smoking.
  • Easy to use.
  • No software to install.
  • You control your quit date and how you want to be notified.
  • Use TaperOff.net at home, work, and when away from your PC.
  • Receive notifications on your mobile phone (SMS messaging required), or just print out a schedule take with you.

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